Brand Fumytech
Codice Prodotto: 410
Disponibilità: ESAURITO

Vapoket - Fumytech (Black)

The Vapoket is an All In One kit by Fumytech, which is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. It benefits from a durable surface treatment in PVD. It is equipped with a built-in battery of 1300mAh and a small chipest allowing to deliver a continuous tension until the complete discharge of the battery.
It also offers protection against: short circuit, overheating, low battery voltage and improper resistance.

The Vapoket kit comes with the brand new FumyTridge Cloud with a 0.4 Ω resistor for 2ml and with Top Filling feature.
As the name suggests and despite its small size, it delivers a very good production of vapor, without forgetting the flavor restitution!

It has a micro USB port that allows you to recharge and vape at the same time (passthrough function).

Hard to find him a competitor in its category! Both by its unique format, as its capabilities.
It has the same battery capacity of an Ego AIO but superior performance.

The Vapoket is also compatible with:

  • Fumytridges A, for indirect inhalation (MTL) operating with the resistors: Purely BDC 0.7 Ω - 0.9 Ω and BVC 0.7 Ω
  • Fumytridges B, for direct inhalation (DTL) operating with Purely NSS 0.5 Ω resistors




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